Ronald L.Tann

Chief Operating Officer

Ronald holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Morris Brown College and Masters in Public Administration from Bucknell University. He is also an alumnus of National Urban Fellows, Inc. a leadership development firm based in New York, NY.

His professional background includes Director of Youth Programs and Special Projects Opportunities Industrialization Center, Inc., Program Administrator for Youth Work, a think tank agency which tested the concept of combining education with business management for high school students in urban and rural communities. In the procurement arena, Ronald assumed leadership roles for the Council of the District of Columbia, District of Columbia Public Schools and the city of Atlanta. The latter covered the administrations of Honorable Mayors Young, Jackson and Campbell.


As member of the leadership team responsible for certification of minority and female owned enterprises for local government in major cities, Ronald led the implementation of a contract with the U. S. Department of Agriculture which examined allegations of disparity in the allocation of subsidies to African American farmers in America. His vast procurement background also complimented his firms’ selection for a contract with the government of Lesotho, Africa for fostering entrepreneurial initiatives between businesses of Lesotho and the United States.


Consistent with his family background, Ronald has invested over 20 years in various leadership roles at Cascade United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA. Under Ron’s leadership several programs in outreach ministry have been established. In every instance, these ministries addressed unmet needs of children and senior citizens of surrounding communities.  The largest and most heralded effort reflecting Ron’s leadership is the annual Thanksgiving Basket Project. What began with feeding 25 senior citizens of a local venue has grown to reach over one thousand four hundred families. Perhaps his most daunting achievement to date is the Cascade Mentoring Program. Building on experience from mentoring programs founded by Ronald in Pittsburgh, PA, with 100 Black Men, Inc. of Western PA and Washington. D.C. with Concerned Black Men, Inc., he led the founding of mentoring of eleven fourth graders eight years ago and maintained that commitment until this year. What began with all At-Risk participants has evolved to see 80% graduation from high school and several participants are now enrolled in college.