Contractor - Daimler Chrysler Corporation. In partnership with Accenture, designed and implemented PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System (Payroll).


Contractor - White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. As Provost, developed and implemented International Software Engineering Training Program with Infosys to train over 100 non-IT participants into Software Developers and Analysts.

Contractor – United States Department of Labor funded Cyber Security Program.  Led the instructional design team in the development of blended Cyber training curriculum including e-Learning Design.  Curriculum includes Computer Forensics, Ethical Hacker, CCNA and Certified Information Security Systems Professional


Contractor – State of Michigan (WCCCD). Led the instructional design team that developed software engineering training program in collaboration with IT partners Quicken Loans, GalaxESolutions, Inc. and Fathead.  Also provided project management to implementation team which included the CIO’s of global IT companies.


Contractor – United States Veterans Administration. Project Management Oversight Program to new Cyber Security Training Program for veterans.  Led instructional design team that integrated learning modules and capture the flag with Mile2, Merit Network and WCCCD.


Contractor—UST Global an international IT consulting organization. Provided strategic development and consulting with the Step It Up America initiative to train 6,000 Veterans and minority in critical IT disciplines across the United States.


Contractor—National Institutes of Health. Co Principal Investigator for the four institution collaboration in a $21.6 million funded program to develop pathways leading to biomedical careers and postgraduate degrees for minority and economically challenged students.

Contractor - National Science Foundation. NSF Panelist Evaluator of Graduate Division STEM proposals.

Contractor - American College of Education. Project Management consulting for Doctorate Degree Program in Leadership new market penetration project.


Contractor - American InterContinental University. Dynamic online learning instruction for Graduate Program in Instructional Systems and e-Learning Design.


Contractor- Youthwork, Inc. Administered grants and provided technical assistance to program managers testing feasibility of youth operated businesses integrated with high school education.


Contractor - D.J. Miller and Associates. Managed grant for certification of minority and female enterprises seeking contracts with major airport authorities.


Contractor - D.J. Miller and Associates. Led team in disparity study funded by U.S. Department of Agriculture, assessing discrimination in the allocation of subsidies to black farmers.


Contractor - Economic Development Authority of Government of Lesotho, Africa. Served as catalyst for business development of American enterprises.