James Robinson, Ph.D., MBA


Dr. James Robinson is a Management Consultant in Organizational Development and Human Capital Improvement, as well as a Chief Learning professional.  Dr. Robinson has spent over 36 years in Leadership, Higher Education Administration, Human Performance Technology, Finance, University Professorship, Workforce Development, and Entrepreneurship.  He has managed teams in Coaching, Engagement, Mentoring, Management Training and Learning in the public and private sector.  His consulting includes projects in Global IT, Academia, Small Business Development, and Cyber-Security.


Ronald Tann,MPA


Ronald L. Tann is a domestic and international economic development and procurement consultant, youth education and training expert and mentor.  He has over 40 years of experience designing entrepreneurship initiatives for young adults, administering grants on local, city and federal agencies; and managing disparity studies in urban and rural communities.  His vast experience in public and private sectors has been given back to religious institutions over a 25 year span.


George W. Swan, III, Ed.D


Dr. George W. Swan, III consults with companies, entrepreneurs and non-profit to strengthen organizational performance and effectiveness.  Dr. Swan has more than 39 years of experience as a senior leader in higher education and with public and private sector entities focused on community and economic development, training, workforce development, and executive coaching


Albert Edwards, III, Ph.D., MSC, SHRM-SCP


Dr. Albert Edwards, III is a global Executive Organization and Leadership Development Consultant, Executive Coach, and Human Capital strategist.  He has  more than 35 years in Human Resources, Talent Management, Leadership and Organization Development experience.  Dr. Edwards has a deep capacity for focusing on Strategic Organization and Leadership Capacity enhancements and has been called upon to facilitate groups for clarifying strategic direction, roles, and transformation at the board and organizational leadership levels