African Methodist Episcopal Church | Department of Retirement Services         


Project: Addressing Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders


Develop a transformative approach in conjunction with  strategic models that engage pastors, congregants, and the denomination at-large in understanding, assessing and advocating stewardship of time, talent and assets of the church.


Design, develop, and implement a national learning institute with curricula that focuses on stewardship, leadership, and short-term professional development for pastors, laity, and community organizations.


  • Instructional Technology

  • Learning Management System

  • Organizational Development



Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Contract with the State of Washington, Labor & Industries Department


Project: Aprende y Avanza tu Negocio (Learning How to Advance Your Business)


Design, develop, and implement outreach and bi-lingual education-oriented curricula hosted on KDI’s Learning Management System targeted at small businesses and non-profit employers in Washington state.


  • Instructional Technology

  • Management Consulting

  • Grant Management